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A new academic year begins

While some effects of COVID-19 continue on into 2021, leaving many of you unable to attend our year opening events, ALC was still able to mark the commencement of a new academic year with staff and students gathering in the former refectory for the opening service on Monday 22 February. Physical distancing measures meant attendance this year was restricted to members of the immediate ALC community, but the service was live-streamed for the benefit of ALC’s distributed learning community.

Principal James Winderlich led the service during which Bishop Henderson conducted a special rite for current members of the academic staff who were called by the ALC Board in December 2020 in which they reaffirmed the vows made at their original installations.

Although we can't predict how the year ahead will unfold, there is much to celebrate at ALC, including improving enrolment numbers, and we look forward to sharing with you some new opportunities for study over the coming months.