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ALC becomes a calling body

In April 2020 the Australian Lutheran College (ALC) Board of Directors formally asked the LCANZ General Church Board (GCB) to approve the ALC Board of Directors as a calling body. Past practice has been for the GCB, on the College’s behalf, to call all ALC teaching staff. This arrangement came from the time when the College Council was a ‘committee’ of the Church. More recently, as an incorporated entity, ALC has its own governance Board, which requires a change to the calling arrangement to make it consistent with wider practice in the LCANZ.

Before making its decision, the GCB conducted an extensive enquiry with ALC’s Board of Directors, satisfying itself that the request:

  • Aligns with the rules and practices of the LCANZ.
  • Will assist ALC in fulfilling its charter to serve the Church through the implementation of its Strategic Direction (2017–2022).
  • Will not adversely affect any ALC staff currently serving under a call.

The GCB approved the request in October 2020, asking the ALC Board to reissue current GCB calls as ALC calls. Consequently, the ALC Board plans to begin the formal process of re-issuing calls in December 2020. The LCANZ will be advised using the normal church processes. This is purely a procedural matter and should not be construed in any other way.

The call to the ALC Principal continues unchanged as a call issued by the GCB.

ALC remains grateful for the faithful and excellent service of its teaching staff. This change will continue to advance the vital relationships shared between the College’s Board and staff as together all serve the LCANZ and its partners in increasingly challenging times.