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ALC is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting, flexible and innovative new vocational discernment program to support people wanting to discover God’s will for their lives.

Discover is a program of academic study integrated with a personal journey of action and reflection practices grounded in local and lived contexts—and there is no need to move to Adelaide to complete this program!

Discover is a revitalised Diploma in Theology delivered by ALC and accredited by the University of Divinity. It can be completed full-time in a year or part-time over 3 years. There is also a postgraduate option for Discover for people who have already completed a tertiary award at an undergraduate level, and the program also can be structured as an internship.

In all cases, Discover combines formal study with formational experiences which are grounded in deep vocational reflection related to the student’s areas of current or intended service. Discover can be designed to engage with a student’s area of specific vocational enquiry by combining core units of study with elective units, or when students are unsure of their vocational direction, Discover can be organised to engage with a variety of vocational experiences. A student who has experienced one or more ministries already, may also be challenged to engage with a broader range of ministry experiences.

Discover can also be undertaken by people who want to be enriched and grow in their current paid or volunteer service in the Church.

For those considering pastoral ministry as a vocation, Discover can count as the first year of pastoral studies.

For those considering teaching in the Lutheran School system, Discover can be structured to include at least two of ALC’s current Lutheran Strand subjects.  

For those considering Lay Ministry, Discover will offer thorough biblical and confessional grounding.

DISCOVER is for people who are curious.

DISCOVER is for people who aren’t sure.

DISCOVER is for people who want to explore and discern God’s calling on their life.

DISCOVER is for people who might one day become a pastor, a teacher or an accredited lay worker.

DISCOVER is for anyone who hears God whispering: Keep following me … but how about we try a new road?

Enquire now about enrolling in Discover for 2021. See more information in the Discover-program-information. Email or phone 1800 625 193.