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Greek class attracts audit students

Part way through last year, two lay people who work in the vicinity of ALC discovered that they both had an interest in learning biblical Greek. ALC was happy to welcome them as audit students in 2020 and decided to advertise in congregations close to the College to see if there were others who were similarly drawn. As it happens there were, and when New Testament Greek commenced classes on 24 February, it contained a mixture of audit students as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students completing the unit for academic credit—5 pastoral stream students and 8 others (including 6 women).

The class has commenced with great enthusiasm and there was no small amount of relief when it was quickly discovered that Dr Hultgren, as good a Greek scholar as he is, doesn’t have perfect Greek handwriting, making the rest of the class’s somewhat pitiful early attempts to write the letters seem not so bad.

The biblical languages are taught in alternate years at ALC. 2020 is obviously a Greek year, but not to be outdone, Dr Hensley is already planning to move Hebrew into the live-streaming program in 2021. This would mean that students from anywhere could attend classes from the comfort of their own homes. So if you have always wanted to learn biblical Hebrew, watch this website—your opportunity may soon be coming!