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Opening Conversation: Forming the Heart to Serve

Learning—whether through an intentional program of study, or through reflection upon various life experiences—transforms the learner towards enriched ways of understanding and acting. In the Christian life such transformation particularly happens as people encounter God—when God’s word is proclaimed and taught, and when people are baptised and receive Holy Communion. The whole person is guided by the Holy Spirit to grow through each encounter. This often happens in the contexts of community life. At ALC we call those Spirit-guided, reflective encounters ‘Formation’.

The Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand’s formative contexts are diverse—a challenge for ALC. Our 2021 opening conversation will identify that diversity and suggest ways to strengthen formative experiences across many parts of the Church.

Speakers include: Suanne Tikoft (Aboriginal Women’s Support Worker, Finke River Mission), Nathan Hedt (LCANZ Pastor for New and Renewing Churches), Anne Dohnt (Director of Formation at Lutheran Education Australia) and Stephen Pietsch (Director of Formation at ALC).

Hosted by ALC Principal James Winderlich, this conversation takes place on Monday 15 February, 2.00–3.00 pm (SA time) as a webinar. All are welcome to join via the following link: