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Message from the ALC Board

Dear friends of ALC

We stand at the cusp of moving from the challenges of 2022 to meeting expectations in 2023. We walk with the wider church in facing challenges to our very existence. Numbers are declining and costs are increasing. Are we providing what people need and are we doing this in a format that encourages participation and inclusion?  ALC needs to be where the church is and needs to be in the world. We cannot exist in a bubble, and we need to experience, know and understand the scope of, and diversity in, the contemporary church scape.

There reaches a point in any organisation where “the rubber hits the road” and hard, and often unpalatable decisions need to be made if it is to continue to viably trade. We are obliged to be good stewards with the resources we have been gifted. As a relatively small organisation, our administrative and delivery structure needs to have an agility to meet both current and emerging needs without compromising on quality.

The 2003 synodical resolution formed ALC as one institution with an emerging nationwide multi-presence. We have listened to the myriad of calls from both church leaders and potential ministry students, requesting learning to be available and connected to the community in which they live, worship and serve. The Board is totally committed to a decentralised, inclusive and multimodal approach to the delivery of learning and vocational formation, and the retooling required for this to be a model of quality practice.

There are currently a number of working groups fine tuning the policies, procedures, models and frameworks that will integrate into a renewed culture and a different way of doing business in 2023 and beyond. In the new year, we will also establish one or more advisory groups to ensure ALC is a safe and inclusive learning space for staff, students and volunteers.

Principal James Winderlich recently communicated to all pastors of the LCANZ through their District Bishop, outlining reasons for ALC’s reorganisation. I invite you to ask your pastor to share this communique with you as it provides a fuller picture of ALC’s position.

How can you help?

ALC exists to prepare people for service in and through the LCANZ. Please encourage people within your own communities to consider and positively respond to God’s call to study at ALC in preparation for service to the wider church. We need you to actively advocate for ALC as the LCANZ’s own and only training body. ALC needs skilled and committed people from across the LCANZ to serve on its Board and committees. ALC also needs financial resources to enable its continuing service, but most of all, ALC needs your prayers and commitment to the partnership into which we are placed through Christ Jesus.

“… and HOPE does not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us.” Romans 5:5

Cheryl Bartel
Chair, ALC Board of Directors