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NEW! - academic year - beginnings - focus

On Tuesday, 22 February, ALC staff and students gathered together on campus and online to observe the commencement of a new academic year. Principal James Winderlich led the Opening Service during which he extended a warm welcome to new and returning students. The devotional reflection he shared was based on a sermon by Martin Luther, Be merciful as your heavenly Father is merciful - a reminder to all to imitate Christ’s compassion and mercy in everyday life.

This new academic year brings with it a number of changes for the ALC Community. At the end of February, Professor Wendy Mayer concluded her tenure as Associate Dean for Research in order to relocate to Sydney and take up a part-time position as Dean of Research Strategy at the University of Divinity. Wendy will continue her involvement with ALC as she serves as research supervisor and a mentor for a number of ALC research students. In a shared capacity, Dr Anna Nürnberger and Dr Michelle Eastwood have taken up much of Wendy’s work. Wendy’s contribution to ALC over the past 5 years has seen a substantial growth in the College’s research capacity and research enrolments.

In recent weeks, Dr Stephen Haar has relinquished the full-time role of [Academic] Dean (a position he held for 14 years) in order to commence a gradual transition towards retirement. Dr Merryn Ruwoldt (Lecturer in Education and ALC’s former Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching) has taken up the reins from Stephen, who played a key part in steering the College through some very difficult and challenging times. Stephen will continue to serve the College as a part-time lecturer and will remain in the role of Vice-Principal.

This year also sees the launch and implementation of a new Strategic Direction for the College. Developed in response to ‘real felt needs’ garnered through stakeholder feedback, the document clearly defines the goals and priorities outlined by the Board, which will inform and set the direction for ALC over the coming year and the years that follow.

With all these changes taking place, 2022 is shaping up to be an interesting year for the College.