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New Lutheran Study Centre to benefit from partnership

Recently Rev Matt Anker, Assistant to the Bishop – International Mission, and ALC Principal, James Winderlich, signed an agreement that will see LCA International Mission (LCA-IM) and ALC jointly support the continuing development of a Lutheran Study Centre in Pemetang Siantar, North Sumatra, Indonesia. With LCA-IM managing this partner-church relationship, ALC teaching staff will provide annual face-to-face and online courses that focus on Lutheran theology and pastoral practice. 

'It excites me to know that LCA partners can work so well together to serve and support Lutheran communities in our Asia-Pacific region as they witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their own communities,' Pastor James said. 

Pastor Anker responded, 'By cooperating in this way, together with the benefits of modern information technology, we are making excellent use of the resources that the LCANZ provides for us.'

In 2020, ALC staff provided Lutheran theological training to approximately 200 students in Indonesia. Those numbers are growing. Our combined support for our partner communities is vitally important.