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Remote reading in an online world

This time of pandemic (and even before this time), has changed the way we access resources. While still offering physical access to a wonderful collection of musty books and weathered paperbacks (which can be posted out upon request Australia-wide) and a wide variety of contemporary periodicals, ALC’s Library has been growing its collection of ebooks.

Our online catalogue is a rich resource - one click on a link and the book is before you. The Library produces a regular bulletin, containing the titles of ebooks which have been added to the catalogue and if you are registered patron, we can arrange for you to receive this bulletin.

You will need to have a library barcode to access most of these resources but registration is possible online and is free to pastors, lay workers, staff of congregations, and teachers in schools of the Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand.

To gain access to this valuable resource, apply online to become a member today. Contact us at or ring the Library on 7120 8270 for any help you may need.