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Research project: Worship in a Multi-Point Parish

How to sustain regular worship during a lengthy vacancy or in a multi-point parish, while continuing to spread the Word of God in mission, requires creative thinking and is the focus of a research/training project being conducted by ALC in partnership with SA-NT District’s Mission Department. Supported by an LLL mission grant this project aims to ensure:

  • Lay leaders become proficient in worship design and leadership
  • Pastors are comfortable with working in partnership with lay worship leaders
  • Consistent quality worship is delivered across the multi-point parish.

An initial six participants from Hallett Cove, Morphett Vale and McLaren Vale in the Adelaide South region have signed up for the project, commencing a semester of study (mostly online and free) at ALC in recent weeks. The SA-NT District Mission Department and ALC are working together to expand the number of participants as other parishes join in the project, which uses an ALC VET subject sponsored by the LCA/NZ’s Commission on Worship to support the training of effective lay worship leaders. On completion of the subject, participants will work with their pastor/s to prepare and lead worship within their parish. ALC Research will observe and gather information through two short surveys (staged over twelve months), considering how regular worship can be sustained during a lengthy vacancy or in a multi-point parish by using lay leaders proficient in worship design and leadership, working in partnership with pastors. The data compiled from this project will help other parishes across the Lutheran church in Australia and New Zealand learn from these experiences.

To find out more or to express interest in joining the project email: