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Special themed edition of LTJ out now

Earlier this year the LTJ’s editors invited responses to the question, ‘What does the ordering of ministry need to look like in the contemporary, changing contexts of the LCANZ?’ This special themed edition contains a selection of the responses received - both scholarly and personal reflections.

Articles include

  • (God’s) ordering of ministry in the church - Adam Hensley
  • Ministry in the Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand: organised and authorised - Andrew Pfeiffer
  • The specific ministry pastor in the Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand - Andrew Pfeiffer
  • Ministry and ministry workers in Lutheran schools - Tim Jarick
  • Specific ministry pastors: the future of the LCANZ  - Adam Yeager
  • Case study: Lutheran Services—how a leading Queensland aged care provider delivers ministry in a changing landscape - Russell Briese
  • Thorough education is vital to future ministry in LCANZ - Thomas Böhmert
  • Back to the future? Talking about Roland Allen in the LCANZ - Noel Due
  • Rethinking the purpose of ministry - Michelle Eastwood
  • Why are we so afraid of women as pastors in the LCANZ? - Valdis Andersons
  • Lutheran church leadership—always being made new! - Helga Jansons
  • Beyond an earthly reign: changing custom to meet context - Alison Short
  • Implications of the call for gender equality on God’s mission through the Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand: a socio-cultural analysis - Tania Nelson
  • Ordering the church’s ministry: Luther’s priorities - Roger Whittall
  • Review article: Early Christian Witnesses: Biblical and Theological Explorations. Selected Essays by Victor C Pfitzner. Adelaide: ATF Press, 2021 - Peter Lockwood

If you are not a subscriber of LTJ but would like to obtain a single issue of the LTJ—including back and recent issues—these are available for purchase at $20 per copy, subject to stock availability. To request a copy, contact