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Talking scripture in the bush

The Old Testament was used to preach Christ by the apostles (Acts 10:43), the early Christians (Acts 18:28) and also by Jesus himself (Luke 24:27). This was the theme for Bush Week in late September led by Pastor Thomas Pietsch, ALC Lecturer in Church History. Bush Week is a gathering of Aboriginal pastors, evangelists and teachers within the Finke River Mission. Typically this is held three times a year, but the pandemic made this Bush Week the only one for 2020, and so extra special.

Up to 30 men and 20 women from three main language groups gathered in Imanpa, about halfway between Alice Springs and Uluru, to meditate on how the Old Testament preaches Christ, and how Christ is present in the Old Testament. Devotions, meals, singing, fellowship, mutual consolation and encouragement, the Divine Service, and camping together all added to the joy of the week.

ALC has a long-standing partnership with FRM that sees lecturers travelling to the Centre each year to teach the Scriptures and learn from Aboriginal brothers and sisters in Christ.