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Testing the spirits—discerning a better LTJ

You may have noticed that the Lutheran Theological Journal (LTJ) has been going through some cosmetic changes of late. Or perhaps you haven’t, because you’re not a subscriber. And let’s be honest, if you’re not, it’s probably because you don’t believe that the LTJ is worth your time and subscription fees.

We on the Editorial Team at the LTJ, know that in the end, it’s the content between the covers that truly counts, and we believe that the LTJ could be doing a better job of providing content that is both engaging and relevant to those serving in lay and ordained ministries across the LCANZ. We believe that the LTJ could be so much more than its present incarnation, and we have a few ideas about how to do that.

However, most importantly, we need to hear from you first, whether you read the LTJ or not. Especially if you do not. We need to know how you think we could do a better job, and what would make you want to subscribe. To do this, we are going to be conducting an online survey until 31 October.

In addition, in order to avoid digitally excluding people who may not have ready access to a computer or the internet, we will also be calling around the LCANZ in the coming days with a telephone survey, based on the same questions. We hope to get as much input as possible, to make the wisest decisions we can about the future.

We don’t want to simply assume that we know what’s best for the LTJ, nor do we want to cravenly push a particular ‘agenda’ to be rubber-stamped by a craftily worded questionnaire. In all of these matters, we aim to be clear, transparent, and open, and your responses will have a direct impact on the strategic plan for the LTJ going ahead.

To have your say, fill out the survey here and please share this with friends and colleagues who may be interested.

This is the LCANZ’s LTJ. This is your LTJ. Make yourself heard. We are listening.