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New LCA Learning Hub accessible via ALC iLearn

The LCA Learning Hub (developed by the Church Worker Support Department in partnership with ALC) has been designed to support and equip people serving the church by providing them with information, training, links and extensive resources on a broad range of subjects that are essential and relevant for congregations, parishes and their leaders. The Learning Hub supersedes the former Congregational Leadership Training and is so much more comprehensive and wide-ranging in the topics and subject matter that it covers.

There is a base level of information included on each topic, but what makes this Learning Hub so useful are the extensive resources that are provided to assist leaders and church workers, and the links that are included for those wanting further information. There are foundational streams such as Governance, Congregational Councils and Meeting Processes for all your officeholders and leaders. There are also specific modules for chairpersons, treasurers and secretaries. As the Learning Hub modules are delivered online, you can start anytime or anywhere that suits you and/or your leadership teams and go back to modules as often as you want to.

All Learning Hub modules are available to all members of the LCA.

To access the LCA Learning Hub, go to the ALC iLearn page. People who have had previous access to the Congregational Leadership Training will have automatic access. Those with an LCA email and LCA portal access can simply go the ALC iLearn page and log in using their LCA email and password. Others will need to contact the Church Worker Support Department ( or phone 08 8267 7300) for an enrolment key which will enable them to enrol and login using an email and password that they will then set up.