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Luther Bible image application

Thank you for your interest in obtaining images from Australian Lutheran College, Löhe Memorial Library. Please submit all image requests via the form below.

Contact us at to preview the set of available images.

Rights and reproductions

Any reproduction, publication, redistribution, modification, exploitation or transmission of images, texts, and data in any format contained in this database and on this website is prohibited without written permission from ALC.

In keeping with our mission of supporting scholarly research in the humanities, ALC will only consider requests to use or reproduce images for scholarly and educational purposes. Requests for images should be submitted via the form below. Please be as specific as possible about your intended use. Incomplete image requests may be delayed or returned. Requests for commercial use such as advertising will not be approved on any grounds.

A fee of $15 (incl. GST) per image is applicable for the copyright use of individual high resolution images suitable for print or digital publication. This is for one use only. If you intend to use the same images for a subsequent publication, a separate application must be submitted. Please credit Australian Lutheran College, Löhe Memorial Library as the copyright holder. (Instructions on how to do this will be contained in the return email once your application has been approved).

Please allow a minimum of two weeks for processing. Upon approval, we will let you know how you can pay the copyright fee and access a download of your approved images.

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Terms and conditions

By submitting this form I agree to the following:

  • The image(s) may only be used for the purpose stated.
  • The image(s) will not be altered in any way and is for a one time use only.
  • The image(s) is not permitted to be used for advertising or promotional purposes.
  • Copyright law will be obeyed.