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Luther Bible1551 edition

ALC Library is privileged to own a 1551 edition of the 'Luther Bible'. It is a priceless heirloom of the Reformation, brought to Australia as a treasured family possession by German immigrants in the nineteenth century and was presented to the Immanuel Seminary, a forerunner of ALC, by J.E. Kotzur in 1954.

The Luther Bible is an early printed work, published in Wittenberg in Germany in 1551. It was produced in the workshop of Hans Lufft, the town printer, who printed most of Luther’s works. The particular beauty of the Luther Bible is in its illustrations which are hand-painted woodcuts. The 1551 edition has a total of 172 in-text and two full page illustrations. The rich colours of the woodcuts have survived since they have been kept out of the light in a closed book for the last 450 years.

Luther Bible illustrations

Luther Bible title page: Biblia Das ist die ganze heilige SchrifftTo commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the full set of 174 hand-coloured images from the Löhe Memorial Library’s 1551 Luther Bible has been prepared as a digital resource available for study by scholars and interested Lutherans around the world.

For researchers, students and organisations who wish to have access to a high resolution version of one or more images without the protective watermark, access for academic non-commercial purposes is available by filling out an application and on payment of a small copyright fee.

For further details and to request permission to use these images see: Luther Bible image application