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ALC/LTJ collaborative presentations

The Lutheran Theological Journal (LTJ) is a publication that focuses, among other things, on issues facing the church and church workers. There are three issues published annually, including a themed issue each August. 

This series of collaborative presentations between ALC and the LTJ provides an opportunity to present and discuss issues important to church workers and other members of the LCANZ.

In 2022, two themed presentations will focus on the ordering of the ministry (in association with the themed LTJ issue) and the topic of well-being.

Anyone who is interested is welcome. All presentations will be available in-person and online.

For individuals attending at ALC, free parking is available along Ward Street (2-hour limit).

2022 presentation dates:

  • Thursday 22 September, DEFERRED (check later for new date)
  • Thursday 3 November, 4 pm (Adelaide time)

If you are interested in receiving further information about upcoming events, please contact