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ALC 'Sem wives'

Moving to Adelaide for study is as big a change for the families and spouses as for the person studying. The ‘Sem wives’ group provides support for this transition.

‘Sem Wives’ is the name given to the group of wives of those studying in the pastoral stream at ALC. Our motto is: Supporting our husbands and each other as we learn to serve Christ. We have the name ‘Sem’, (short for Seminary), which refers to ALC’s former title of Luther Seminary, mostly because ‘ALC Wives’ just does not have the same ring to it!

The group recognises the role of the wife of the pastoral student as she supports her husband through five years of study, and her need for emotional, physical and spiritual support.

We have an informal committee that organises regular events such as Bible studies, prayer nights and a variety of social occasions. We also organise meal rosters for those families in need (for example, after the birth of a new baby) and coordinate cards of appreciation for the Harvest Thanksgiving donations.