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Early and Medieval Church History

Code: CH2002L
Points: 18
Not scheduled in 2021

This unit enables students to gain knowledge and understanding of the church’s historical development in theology, structure, worship, and mission from Pentecost through to the late medieval period (AD 1400), and in particular focusing on: the basic data of Christian history in respect to the church’s geographical growth in the Greco-Roman world, in the East, and in Europe; the work of several outstanding bearers of Christian mission; important teachers of the church in their contexts, and their distinctive contribution to theology; major theological issues the church grappled with in the early and medieval period; the significance of this history for the present situation of the church.

Discipline: Church History

Study level: Undergraduate Level 2


  • None


Further information

  • Refer to the current Student handbook supplement: unit guide for required texts and scheduled lectures and tutorials.
  • Distance students are encouraged to participate in live-streamed lectures and tutorials.

Pastor Thomas Pietsch