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Education and Theology in Dialogue

Code: DE9016L
Points: 24
Study mode: Online (workshops available) | Blended

The unit begins with research into the nature of truth, along with the particular contributions of both theology and educational theory to the practice of education. Students examine some theological themes important for educational practice along with particular Lutheran theological emphases associated with them. These theological themes may include creation, the two kingdoms, law and gospel, Christian as saint and sinner, theology of the cross, church and ministry, sacrament, and vocation.

Central to the unit is research by each student into a specific issue in education and the way in which it can be informed by theology.

Discipline: Education Studies

Study level: Postgraduate Elective



Further information

  • Refer to the current Student handbook for required texts.
  • Learning outcomes, assessment details and recommended texts are provided before the scheduled unit start date.

Dr Stephen Haar
Dr Merryn Ruwoldt