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Exploring the Bible

Code: BS1003L
Points: 18
Study mode: Online | Face to face | Blended

The core purpose of this unit is to introduce students to the Old and New Testament writings. In this process students will be introduced to basic tools and approaches used in biblical studies, focusing on reading the biblical text as literature while giving attention to its historical context in the quest to discern its theological intent. Attention will be given to selected key Old Testament themes especially within Genesis. Study of the New Testament will concentrate on the gospels, Paul's letters and Revelation and selected key themes within them. The development of the Old Testament and New Testament canons and the relationship between them as Christian Scripture will be explored. Along the way the unit will challenge the learners to a broader and deeper understanding and appreciation of the Bible and its place within Christian faith and life and as well as the implications of their learning for use of the Bible in Christian education.

Discipline: Biblical Studies

Study level: Undergraduate Level 1


  • None (Available only to undergraduate Lutheran Strand students.)

Prohibited combinations

  • Bible Introduction 1 and 2, or equivalents
  • The Bible Today A and B


Further information

  • Refer to the current Student handbook for required texts.
  • Learning outcomes, assessment details and recommended texts are provided before the scheduled unit start date.

Dr Stephen Haar
Pastor Andrew Jaensch