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Introduction to Lutheran Education

Code: DE8004L
Points: 24
Study mode: Online (workshops available)

This is a thematic unit drawing material from the disciplines of biblical studies, systematic theology, history and education. It is an introduction to Lutheran education considered from a number of perspectives: the history of the Lutheran Church of Australia with an emphasis on the history of the development of the Lutheran school system; the Bible as the key theological text for the church and its schools; and areas of systematic theology which underpin practice in schools. The topic of creation is used as a framework to integrate biblical, theological and educational material in order to facilitate understanding of the core nature and practice of an authentic Lutheran school. This is the first in a series of three units with this overarching purpose.

Discipline: Education Studies

Study level: Postgraduate Foundational


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Further information

  • Refer to the current Student handbook for required texts.
  • Learning outcomes, assessment details and recommended texts are provided before the scheduled unit start date.

Dr Merryn Ruwoldt