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Reform of the Church

Code: CH2003L
Points: 18
Study mode: Face to face | Online

This unit involves students in the history of the Reformation era, so that they may better understand the Lutheran tradition as a movement for evangelical reform within the church catholic. Students will study the period from Christendom at the end of the Middle Ages, through the various European reformations to the end of the sixteenth century. This study will include: a special focus on the career of Martin Luther and the Lutheran reformation; the reform movements led by Zwingli and Calvin; the radical reformers; the expansion of the reformation movement in Europe; Catholic renewal; and the legacies of reformations.

Discipline: Church History

Study level: Undergraduate Level 2 (can also be studied at Level 1)


  • At least 18 points in the discipline of Church History (CH) is desirable.


Further information

  • Refer to the current Student handbook for required texts.
  • Learning outcomes, assessment details and recommended texts are provided before the scheduled unit start date.

Pastor Thomas Pietsch