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Teaching in a Theological Education Context

Code: DE8029L
Points: 24
Online (tutorials available)

Lecture theatres have in recent history been perceived as physical, teacher-centred, orderly, transmissive and passive. Contemporary higher education classrooms can be virtual, learner-centred, non-linear, transformative and active. Teaching is viewed as a continually evolving activity based on engagement, review, reflection and revision in order to best address the needs of 21st century higher education student cohorts. Within the context of theological education, this unit considers the theories and best practice in contemporary higher education which follow from what research reveals about adult learning, both online and face-to-face. The unit invites participants to consider their vocation as a higher education teacher and examine their practices in the light of their personal journey as a theological educator and the institutional understanding of theological education demonstrated by their context.

Discipline: Education Studies

Study level: Postgraduate Foundational


  • None

Prohibited combinations

  • DE8030L Introduction to Theological Education
  • DE3031L Principles of Teaching in Higher Education


Further information

  • Refer to the current Student handbook supplement: unit guide for required texts and scheduled lectures and tutorials.
  • Distance students are encouraged to participate in live-streamed lectures and tutorials.

Dr Merryn Ruwoldt