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The introductory unit of Congregational Leadership Training, Foundations has been developed with input from subject experts and trialled by a number of congregations across Australia and New Zealand to ensure that the content meets the needs of congregational leaders.

Here are some comments from leaders who have completed the unit:

  • This is just what we need at our congregation at this time. I love all the explanations, especially in regard to financial jargon—Leon
  • I found the suggestions relating to how congregations should be kept informed of the financial situation most useful—Kerry
  • The subject matter seems about right for a typical Church Council in terms of relevance and complexity—Markus
  • The module gave a clear explanation of the LCA organisational and governance structure—Shirley


The Foundations unit is available to all members of the LCA for free.

To access CLT training:

  • If you already have an email address and password, you can access Congregational Leadership Training by logging into iLearn.
  • If you require access to Congregational Leadership Training and don't have an email, contact to request access.


Foundations is broken down into four modules.

  • Module 1: Congregational Leadership – Leadership and Governance; Governance vs Management; Future planning
  • Module 2: The Role of Council – Member qualities; Under God we are responsible to
  • Module 3: Council Responsibilities – Part A - Meeting Content; Roles and Responsibilities; Part B - Financial Requirements
  • Module 4: Our Congregation and the LCA – Congregational Context within the LCA

Training information

The training, best viewed as a congregational group, is facilitated by online presentations. Foundations is offered in a format similar to a webinar, with congregational office-holders and leaders viewing and listening to the presentations as a group and responding to the activities. Individual activities need to be submitted online.

At the end of each completed module, registered participants receive an electronic badge. At the completion of the Foundations unit, a certificate of completion is available for printing. The badges and certificate are important for both LCA and congregational records.

The Foundations Overview provides a comprehensive outline of the Foundations unit and includes learning outcomes and instructions for activity submission.