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Frequency Asked Questions

How much does this training cost?

Congregational Leadership Training (CLT) is available to all members of the LCA for free. 

How do I access CLT training?

  • If you already have an email address and password, you can access Congregational Leadership Training by logging into iLearn.
  • If you require access to Congregational Leadership Training and do not have an email, please contact to request access.

Who should do this training?

There are four units within the Congregational Leadership Training (CLT). Anyone who holds a key position within your congregation (e.g. church council member, pastor, team leader) should at least complete the Foundations unit. The other three units are aimed at specific roles within a congregation.

The four training units are:

  • Foundations—Introductory unit for all key office-holders and leaders in congregations
  • Chairperson—Specific training for chairpersons
  • Secretary—Specific training for secretaries
  • Treasurer—Specific training for treasurers

iLearn doesn't recognise my username and/or password.

If you have an email address, please contact to check your username and password details.

If you do not have an email address, and have received access to iLearn from the Church Worker Support Department, you will need to create an account in iLearn. If you have done this and are still experiencing login issues, please email

I have logged into iLearn but I can't see the CLT units.

If you log into iLearn and can't see any of the CLT units, please email Our support team will assist you with this issue.

What if congregational members don’t have a computer and an email address? 

We’d love everyone to be involved in Congregational Leadership Training. To ensure everyone who does the training receives a Certificate of Attainment, they must have an email address to access iLearn. 

There is now provision to submit the activities in iLearn on behalf of a number of people from a congregation/parish who completed the training together, especially for those who feel uncomfortable using the iLearn system. To apply for this option, please email

I’ve got slow internet. Will that be a problem? 

All of the CLT presentations include audio components. Module 3a shows a short video. If you have any concerns about accessing this content due to a slow internet connection please contact before enrolling in the training.

If I’ve completed the training in another congregation, do I have to do it again in my new congregation? 

No. Your training records are logged in your name and so wherever you are in Australia and New Zealand, the LCA Human Resource System will know the details of the training that you have completed. In a new congregation, we recommend that you join in when the training is offered, as each congregation may have different practices when it comes to leadership and governance.