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The role-specific unit of Treasurer has been developed with input from experts in governance and congregational leadership.

Here are some comments from leaders who have completed the unit: 

  • Provides clear and unambiguous guidelines
  • Well set out
  • Broad coverage of tasks


The Treasurer unit is part of the Congregational Leadership Training (CLT) and is available to all members of the LCA for free.

To access CLT training:

  • If you already have an email address and password, you can access Congregational Leadership Training by logging into iLearn.
  • If you require access to Congregational Leadership Training and do not have an email, please contact to request access.


The Treasurer unit will equip you to:

  • Keep accurate records
  • Pay all authorised accounts promptly
  • Ensure salaries and conditions match awards
  • Monitor compliance with statutory requirements
  • Ensure money is deposited according to congregational policy and procedures
  • Prepare financial reports
  • Report financial position and recommend action
  • Organise independent audits
  • Communicate with the LCA district office
  • Maintain an asset register.

Training information

The training is facilitated by an online presentation. Treasurer is offered in a format similar to a webinar presentation, with the participant viewing and listening to the presentation and responding to the short quiz at the end of the presentation.

The content time of Treasurer is 25 minutes.

At the completion of the Treasurer unit, a certificate of completion is available for printing. The certificate is important for both LCA and congregational records.

The Treasurer overview provides a comprehensive outline of the Treasurer unit and includes the learning outcomes.