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LCANZ and the issue of ordination of men only, or of women and men

This e-resource showcases all scholarly articles published in LTJ since its inception that directly address or are relevant to the ongoing debate within the LCANZ on the ordination of men only, or of women and men.

Issue Author Title Pages
Dec 1975 Henry P. Hamann The New Testament and the Ordination of Women 100–108
Dec 1975 Margarette Freund Some Concerns of Christian Women 109–112
Dec 1990 Ray R. Schulz A Case for ‘President’ Phoebe in Romans 16:2 124–127
Dec 1994 Norman Habel and Shirley Wurst The Gospel and Women in the Ministry 129–134
Aug 1995 John W. Kleinig Scripture and the Exclusion of Women from the Pastorate (I) 74–81
Dec 1995 John W. Kleinig Scripture and the Exclusion of Women from the Pastorate (II) 123–129
May 1996 Peter Lockwood Does 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 Exclude Women From the Pastoral Office? 30–38
May 1997 David W. Bryce ‘As in All the Churches of the Saints’: A Text-Critical Study of 1 Corinthians 14:34,35 31–39
Aug 1997 Rolph Mayer The Confessions, the Public Ministry and the Ordination of Women 82–88
Dec 1998 Ray R. Schulz Another Look at the Text of 1 Corinthians 14:33-35 128–131
Dec 1998 Mark Worthing Report on the Symposium on the Ordination of Women 133–134
Dec 1999 Victor C. Pfitzner and Lance G. Steicke Changing Roles for Women in the Lutheran Church of Australia: A Survey 136–146
Dec 2004 Ray R. Schulz Junia Reinstated: Her Sisters Still Waiting 129–143
May 2005 CTICR CTICR papers on the ordination of men only and of women alongside men
Six papers specially prepared by the Lutheran Church of Australia’s Commission on Theology and Inter-Church Relations presenting the arguments for retaining the ordination of men only and the arguments for introducing the ordination of women
Aug/Dec 2005 John W. Kleinig Ordered community: order and subordination in the New Testament 196–209
May 2012 Stephen Hultgren Canon, creeds, and confessions: an exercise in Lutheran hermeneutics 26–50
May 2012 Joel Humann A response to ‘Canon, creeds, and confessions: an exercise in Lutheran hermeneutics’ 51–58
May 2019 Ray R. Schulz Phoebe, πϱοστάτης, as leader 16–21
May 2019 Tanya Wittwer Subordination and headship: A case study in Lutheran hermeneutics 22–38
May 2019 Wendy Mayer The history of Theses of Agreement 6.11 39–50
May 2020 Adam D. Hensley Divine blessing and order in marriage and the church 43–59
May 2021 Peter Lockwood The ordination of women: assessing the counter claims of complementarianism 13–32
Dec 2021 Roger Whittall Boundaries and horizons: Luther on the church and its priesthood 127–138
Dec 2021 Ray R. Schulz Which text? 159–163
Aug 2022 Adam D. Hensley (God’s) ordering of ministry in the church 53–57
Aug 2022 Tania Nelson Implications of the call for gender equality on God’s mission through the Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand: a socio-cultural analysis 96–101
Aug 2022 Roger Whittall Ordering the church’s ministry: Luther’s priorities 102–104
Dec 2022 Jo Bertil R. Vaernesbranden Optimality theory: LCANZ and the ordination of women—a case study 143–154
Dec 2022 Anna Nürnberger Female ordination: biblical, confessional and hermeneutical perspectives 155–167