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Opening lectures

The ALC opening lecture marked the beginning of each academic year up until 2019. Open to the general public, these lectures provided ALC teaching staff with an opportunity to present information on a topic arising from their research.

Listed below are the lectures presented from 2004 to 2019. Opening lectures were usually published in the Lutheran Theological Journal within the year they were presented.

2019 Stephen Haar 'Learning, Formation and Community: Challenges Facing a Distributed Model of Theological Education'
View the 2019 opening lecture video
2018 James Winderlich 'The shape of things to come for a church who learns'
View the 2018 opening lecture video
2017 Wendy Mayer 'Preaching schism: why what good people say can have unintended consequences for the Church'
View the 2017 opening lecture video
2016 Tania Nelson 'Leadership matters: principals, pastors and the mission of Lutheran schools'
View the 2016 opening lecture video
2015 Stephen Hultgren 'Revisiting the Third Use of the Law'
2014 Andrew Jaensch 'God is big enough for our questions: introducing learners to a critical approach to study of the Bible'
2013 John Henderson 'Location, location, location: a short history of 104 Jeffcott Street'
2012 Ruth Zimmermann 'Learning conversations: more than just words'
2011 Linards Jansons 'Some central yet contested ideas of liturgical theology'
2010 Stephen Pietsch 'Depression and the soul—a Cook’s tour'
2009 John Kleinig 'Pastoring by blessing'
2008 Stephen Haar 'e-Constructing theological education for ministry in a www world'
2007 Greg Lockwood 'Reflections on 40 years’ engagement with New Testament Interpretation, 1967–2007'
2006 Malcolm Wegener 'Mystery, challenge and the training of teachers for Lutheran schools in Australia'
2005 Robert Kempe 'Lutheran theological education in the 21st century: an agenda for discussion'
2004 Meryl Jennings 'Elitist Lutheran schools? Maybe—and so what?'