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Lutheran Theological Journal

Lutheran Theological Journal (LTJ), published three times a year by ALC, explores and applies the tradition of the church in ways that are fresh and that engage the issues of today.

LTJ seeks to encourage and challenge its readers—chiefly the pastors, teachers and lay members of the LCANZ, and the teaching staff and students of theological colleges in Australia and overseas—by keeping them abreast of recent developments in the primary areas of biblical, theological, historical, educational and pastoral studies. It also provides a forum for students of theology to publish the fruits of their research.

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Recent issues

Contents: Volume 57 No 3 (December 2023)

Sarah Hinlicky Wilson Three German Lutheran saint calendars of the
nineteenth century
William G. Fredstrom Taking James K.A. Smith to the Lutheran church 128
James Winderlich Place: a new model for learning through ALC 144
Book review Tania Nelson. The Challenge of Missional Renewal in
the Lutheran Church of Australia. Sydney: Australian
Christian Resources, 2023. (Peter Lockwood)

Contents: Volume 57 No 2 (August 2023)

Cathryn Hamilton Reflecting on the process to develop a voluntary assisted dying DSTO for the LCANZ 48
Karen Tromans Created to love, commanded to live, forbidden to kill—where does that leave VAD? 52
Nick Schwarz Legalisation of VAD in Australia: how did we get here and how do we respond? 54
Russell Briese  Offering pastoral care to those seeking voluntary assisted dying, their family, and friends in Queensland 57
Russell Briese  Voluntary assisted dying: presentation at the Queensland pastors’ conference 63
Christian Fandrich Lord, let your servant depart in peace, but do not cast me away! 67
Ian Lutze Voluntary assisted dying: an aged care chaplaincy perspective 71
Jeremy Smith Pastoral care for those who want to die 74
Michael Pietsch Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s theology of self-murder 82
Peter Schulz Sanctity of life, compassion, Jesus and Bonhoeffer 85
Gordon Watson A Christian understanding of personal being and God—the Holy Trinity: a contribution to a discussion of voluntary assisted dying 89
Maria-Anna Schüßel The evil of absolutes 97
Tania Nelson Pastoral care and voluntary assisted dying: a review of selected literature 105


Contents: Volume 57 No 1 (May 2023)

Charles Amarkwei The paradox of science and religion in Paul Tillich’s thought 4
Eberhardt Ngugi When religion becomes a source of conflict and alienation, interfaith dialogue becomes a source of harmony and reconciliation 21
Book reviews Channing L. Crisler and Robert L. Plummer. Always Reforming: Reflections on Martin Luther and Biblical Studies. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press, 2021. (Shawn M. Langley) 36
  Dean Nadasdy. The Beautiful Sermon: Image and the Aesthetics of Preaching. St Louis, MO: Concordia Seminary Press, 2021. (Joshua Pfeiffer) 38
  Daniel A. Siedell. Who’s Afraid of Modern Art? Essays on Modern Art and Theology in Conversation. Introduction Robyn O’Neil. Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2015. (Trevor Schaefer) 40
  John W. Kleinig. Wonderfully Made: A Protestant Theology of the Body. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press, 2021. (Stephen Pietsch) 42