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Lutheran Theological Journal

Lutheran Theological Journal (LTJ), the tri-annual publication of the ALC teaching staff, explores and applies the tradition of the church in ways that are fresh and that engage the issues of today.

LTJ seeks to encourage and challenge its readers—chiefly the pastors, teachers and lay members of the LCANZ, and the teaching staff and students of theological colleges in Australia and overseas—by keeping them abreast of recent developments in the primary areas of biblical, theological, historical, educational and pastoral studies. It also provides a forum for students of theology to publish the fruits of their research.

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Single issues of the LTJ—including back and recent issues—are available for purchase at $20 per copy, subject to stock availability. To request a copy, contact

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Recent issues

Contents: Volume 56 No 3 (December 2022)

Joshua Pfeiffer The resistance preaching of Hermann Sasse in the Third Reich 116
Maurice Schild ‘Under the shadow of your wings’: Jochen Klepper on his eighty years anniversary 127
Andrew Pfeiffer Guilt, shame, and life in Christ 132
Jo Bertil R. Vaernesbranden Optimality theory: LCANZ and the ordination of women—a case study 143
Anna Nürnberger Female ordination: biblical, confessional and hermeneutical perspectives 155
Book reviews James B. Vigen and Sarah Hinlicky Wilson. Nenilava, Prophetess of Madagascar: Her Life and the Ongoing Revival She Inspired. Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2021. (Kathy Matuschka) 168
  Erik Varden. Entering the Twofold Mystery—On Christian Conversion. London: Bloomsbury Continuum, 2022.  (Stephen Nuske) 170
Learning for Life   173

Contents: Volume 56 No 2 (August 2022)

Adam Hensley (God’s) ordering of ministry in the church 53
Andrew Pfeiffer Ministry in the Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand: organised and authorised 58
Andrew Pfeiffer The specific ministry pastor in the Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand 63
Tim Jarick Ministry and ministry workers in Lutheran schools 65
Adam Yeager Specific ministry pastors: the future of the LCANZ 67
Russell Briese Case study: Lutheran Services—how a leading Queensland aged care provider delivers ministry in a changing landscape 71
Thomas Böhmert Thorough education is vital to future ministry in LCANZ 75
Noel Due Back to the future? Talking about Roland Allen in the LCANZ 78
Michelle Eastwood Rethinking the purpose of ministry 81
Valdis Andersons Why are we so afraid of women as pastors in the LCANZ? 83
Helga Jansons Lutheran church leadership—always being made new! 85
Alison Short Beyond an earthly reign: changing custom to meet context 89
Tania Nelson Implications of the call for gender equality on God’s mission through the Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand: a socio-cultural analysis 96
Roger Whittall Ordering the church’s ministry: Luther’s priorities 102
Book review article
Victor C. Pfitzner. Early Christian Witnesses: Biblical and Theological Explorations. Selected Essays by Victor C Pfitzner. Adelaide: ATF Press, 2021. (Peter Lockwood) 105

Contents: Volume 56 No 1 (May 2022)

This issue includes memories and insights written in honour of Dr J.T.E. Renner.

Tom Brennen The creation theology of Martin Luther and its relevance for Christians fulfilling God’s call for social justice 3
Jacob Fabich The function, dynamics and aesthetics of music in the liturgy of the divine service 14
Tim Jarick Challenges and opportunities of staff formation in Lutheran schools—a case study 21
A tribute to Dr J.T. Erich Renner
Mark Worthing Erich Renner remembered 36
Vic Pfitzner Johannes Theodore Erich Renner—a tribute 38
Maurice Schild J.T.E. Renner—pastor, educator, friend 40
Andrew Pfeiffer Encouragement, humour and dialogue 42
John W. Kleinig A gentleman indeed  
Book reviews Carl R. Trueman. The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self: Cultural Amnesia, Expressive Individualism, and the Road to Sexual Revolution. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2020. (Fraser Pearce ) 46
Learning for life   48