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Parkville Plus seminars

The Parkville Plus series is a collaborative academic forum of the University of Divinity, run in conjunction with Pilgrim Theological College and Whitley College. Each seminar will be hosted by a specific college and include a range of three papers that consider research undertaken by staff, students and honorary or visiting scholars from each of the participating colleges. Participants can join a hub at ALC or attend online.

 Anyone who is interested is welcome. For events held at ALC, free parking is available along Ward Street (2-hour limit).

2023 Parkville Plus seminar dates:

  • Friday 10 March – Pilgrim
  • Friday 21 April – ALC
  • Friday19 May –Whitley
  • Friday 4 August – ALC
  • Friday 22 September –Whitley
  • Friday 20 October –Pilgrim

Timing is 1:30pm–4:30pm Adelaide time as a rough guide.

ALC-hosted seminar (April)

1:30 pm Paper 1 (full paper) Dr Samuel Deressa
‘Luther and Bonhoeffer on The Church’s Mission in the World’
2:45 pm Paper 2 (short paper) Dr Michael Mawson
‘The Stumbling Block and the Lynching Tree: Reading Bonhoeffer’s “Lectures on Christology” with James Cone’
3:30 pm Paper 3 (full paper) Maria-Anna Schuessel
‘There Is Neither Slave Nor Free: A Brief Overview of Racism, Slavery and Jewish-Christian Thought from Antiquity to Nazi-Germany’
4:30 pm Wine and Cheese for on-campus attendees