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Extension request form

Use this form to apply for an extension. Lecturers can approve extension requests of up to two weeks submitted before the due date. Longer extensions, up to four weeks, or requests submitted after the due date can only be approved by the Dean.

Use a separate form if more than one extension is requested.

Your application must include any supporting evidence required to support the claim. Note that an incomplete form or missing evidence may result in your request being denied.

The University of Divinity Assessment Policy also provides for special grading consideration. If special circumstances apply, permission may be sought for: allowance of additional time for an assessment task, changed circumstances to undertake assessment, change of type of assessment, or extensions beyond that which is permitted under other forms of extension.

ALC will advise the outcome of your extension request. If you do not receive a response within 3 days of submitting the form, contact the Office of Student Records by email or on +61 8 7120 8200/freecall 1800 625 193 as a matter of urgency.

Request form

Student and unit details
Extension request

Note: An extension of this length requires a Dean's extension

Documentary evidence

Where appropriate include any additional documentation to support your request for an extension (e.g. medical certificate, statutory declaration). Upload a scanned copy or photo. You will be notified if you need to provide original documents.