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Strategic direction

At Australian Lutheran College (ALC) we believe that God’s love comes to life in people through learning.

Our vision

The vision of ALC, as the theological education and research institution of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA), is to see God’s love in Christ coming to life through preparing God’s servants—pastors, teachers, church workers and volunteers of all kinds—to serve and lead with confident Christian faith, integrity, competence and compassion in a diverse and changing denomination and world.

To meet that vision ALC’s mission is to provide:

  • theological education and research for the church’s various ministry pathways with an emphasis on vocational formation of people to meet the needs of the church and world in a post-modern society no longer literate in the Christian faith
  • opportunities for growth, education, and training for pre-vocational, vocational and post-vocational needs that include Certificate IV, Diploma, Bachelor, Masters, and Doctoral studies
  • church life research to inform the LCA and the broader community.

Educational and organisational character

Our educational and organisation character provides the scaffold to support and promote our learning and teaching activities. Together with our core Lutheran values, ALC holds the following further values in service of its mission:

  • Creative adaptation to assure better service, educationally-based leadership and financial viability
  • Decision-making focused on those we serve across Australia, New Zealand and Asia as higher priority than the comfort of historic continuity of internal structure, courses or teaching methods
  • Education built on principles of life-long adult learning, critical thinking and reflection, and flexibility in delivery options
  • Professional educational organisation that plans, evaluates and reports on the basis of evidence, including evidence of financial viability.

Our plan

Read ALC's Strategic direction: ALC Strategic Direction 2017–2022