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Course options

Programs and courses

ALC offers undergraduate courses to provide foundational studies in theology as well as postgraduate courses providing theological education at an advanced level.

We also offer opportunities for practical fieldwork education and formation for those who are seeking to deepen their faith and/or learn practical skills for specific ministries within the mission of the church.

For more detail, see the current student handbook in conjunction with the course information available on the website found at Courses 

Delivery modes

Study is completed via three categories of engagement.

  • Online – synchronous: Content is delivered via video conferencing and students are required to ‘attend’ lectures via live stream at the time indicated on the timetable for the relevant semester.
  • Online – asynchronous: All learning and participation is wholly self-paced; students watch videos or work through material in their own time (e.g. any learning activities are not delivered in real time).
  • Other: Some units contain face to face intensives or practicums. 

Arrangements are in place for overseas students on sub-class 500 student visa to be present on campus.

Contact ALC for detailed course advice to design your program of study.