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LCANZ Lay Preacher Training enrolment

Lay Preacher Training

The LCANZ College of Bishops requested Australian Lutheran College develop lay preacher training to support congregational lay preachers, both current and future. For those interested in lay preaching, this training module provides individuals with the opportunity to discern their call as a lay preacher. There is no expectation for anyone to become a lay preacher at the end of the training.

The role of a lay preacher is different to the role of a lay reader. The distinction between the two roles is as follows:

Lay readers are individuals who lead a worship service and use pre-approved LCA sermon material (found on the LCA Commission on Worship website). These individuals do not write their own sermons. A lay reader might have influence on what is included in the worship service (e.g. song choices, prayers). No formal training is required.

Lay preachers are individuals who, with the encouragement of their congregation, and the permission of their district bishop, are able to write their own sermons for their own congregation and/or parish. A lay preacher might also have influence on what is included in the worship service (e.g. song choices, prayers). The LCA Lay Preacher Training course is recommended for those wishing to be a lay preacher.

Lay preachers are entrusted to publicly and faithfully proclaim God’s word according to the teachings of the LCA/NZ. They are approved and appointed by their District Bishops following consultations between their local congregation/parish and lay preaching candidate. Lay preachers are most likely to serve during pastoral vacancies under the oversight of a District Bishop to whom they will be directly accountable, and these appointments are time limited (e.g. a maximum of 12 months at a time).

The learning offered in this training is derived from ALC’s pastoral training program. This provides coherency and consistency between the pastoral office and the service of lay preachers. Participants will work through a number of sessions within ALC’s iLearn system. These sessions include:

  • What is a preacher?
  • The dynamic Word
  • Law and Gospel
  • Studying the text and preparing to teach it
  • Ready to preach

This is a self-paced learning approach, and participants can commence the training at any time. We encourage participants to allow up to 6 months to complete the content. All participants will require a mentor pastor who will journey with them and support their learning as well as provide feedback on potential sermons prepared and written at the end of the training module.

Participants are also encouraged to engage in further theological study through ALC to compliment their Lay Preacher Training, in particular, Exploring the Old Testament and Introduction to the New Testament. These subjects can be done for credit or audit.


To enrol into the Lay Preacher Training course, complete the form below. 

The cost of this training course is $375 per person. You will be invoiced once your enrolment form has been successfully processed. Once your enrolment has been finalised, you will receive a confirmation email with additional information.

Ensure you have discussed this training with your mentor pastor who will be supporting you through this training before nominating them on this enrolment form. They will also receive information about the lay preacher training.

If you have further questions about the Lay Preacher Training, email

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