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Using eBooks at ALC

About eBooks

​Löhe Memorial Library provides access to ebooks on two vendor platforms within the library—Proquest Ebook Library (formerly EBL Ebook Library) and EBSCOhost. Another eBook collection is also available to registered students via the UD Hub at​.

Accessing Löhe Memorial Library ​eBooks

All ebooks can be accessed via the library catalogue and are identified by the descriptor: '[electronic resource]'. Using the catalogue, locate the item you wish to read and open up the detailed record, then click on the URL link.

If you wish to find a list of ebooks in the catalogue, go to Advanced Search, select 'ebook' as item category 1 and click on the search button. Once the URL of a chosen item is selected, you will have to log in to either Proquest or EBSCOhost as follows:

  • For Proquest texts you will be asked to create your own account (on campus) or to request an account (off campus). Fill in the details and give yourself a unique user name and password—this will be used each time you access an ebook.

    On campus you will be able to access the item immediately. If you apply off campus you will be sent an email confirmation and will then have access.
  • For EBSCOhost ebooks just supply your library barcode as the login (beginning with 21960).

Also note that:

  • Some of the library's physical titles are also available as eBooks. The electronic version will be listed separately in the catalogue—look for the designation '[electronic resource]' after the title.
  • The true availability of an eBook will not be reflected in the catalogue. The catalogue will always show an eBook as available but actual availability may be subject to a vendor contractual constraint, such as the number of concurrent users allowed for a particular title.

Accessing UD Hub eBooks

Information on accessing the UD Hub eBook collection may be found at: eBooks: ​LibGuides at University of Divinity Library. Note that these items are only available to registered University of Divinity students as a TAMS login is required to access these items.