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Auditing at ALC

Why audit?

If you are looking to

  • make some first steps on a pathway to higher education,
  • study for personal interest only,
  • undertake professional development, or
  • revisit a topic you've previously completed (e.g. a biblical language)

you may be interested in ALC's audit options.

Auditing a unit within ALC’s higher education programs enables you to participate in the class but you don't complete assignments and you won't receive any credit towards a qualification.

About higher education auditing

You may audit an undergraduate unit (by attending on campus classes or workshops) with prior approval of the Dean.

Note the following key information about auditing:

  • You have the responsibility to attend classes regularly just as if you were doing the unit for credit.
  • You are not expected to complete assignments.
  • The lecturer is not expected to mark assignments that you may choose to submit.
  • You may participate in class discussion at the discretion of the lecturer.
  • You cannot build on the audited unit for credit at a later time in the course, but will be required to repeat the unit in its entirety.

Applying for audit

View teaching schedules for ALC undergraduate units on UD's Unit Management System.

Email to request approval for the unit you would like to audit.

Once you are approved to audit a unit, ALC Enrolments will contact you.