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The Lutheran Theological Journal is published each year in May, August and December. The length of published articles ranges from 3,000 to 6,000 words. For those who would like to submit an article or book review, information as well as the LTJ style guide may be obtained by writing to the editorial assistant ( Contributions should be submitted to by email attachment, in both Word format and as a pdf file.

Our aim

LTJ exists to serve all within the Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand who minister in the church and the world. By keeping readers abreast of recent developments in the areas of biblical, theological, historical, educational and pastoral studies, LTJ seeks to encourage and challenge them—pastors who serve in congregations, worship communities and church plants; lay and ordained chaplains; the teachers and spiritual leaders (principals) of Lutheran schools; workers in Lutheran aged care communities and in Lutheran community services; indigenous and cross-cultural evangelists; and, the teachers and staff of Lutheran theological colleges throughout the world. It also provides a forum for students of theology to publish the fruits of their research.

An invitation

LTJ extends an invitation to its readers to become active contributors to the journal. The editorial team is seeking submissions written at a variety of levels—from academic to conversational on topics that are of interest across LCANZ and among sister Lutheran churches in the Asia-Pacific region.

LTJ offers a space to think through theological issues, to explore Scripture in different ways, to reflect on contemporary church and mission, to delve into the past, and to engage with one another in respectful dialogue. It additionally offers a space to share reflections on your recent reading through the medium of book reviews. Originally poems, sermons and Bible studies were also published. Including material of this kind, in which theology is expressed diversely with a focus on practical application, continues to be an option.

If you don’t wish to submit material yourself, consider suggesting topics to the editorial team which you would like to see discussed within the journal.

The Lutheran Theological Journal is your journal. We invite you to become active participants in it—start a conversation with us at