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Developing a multicultural mindset for the LCANZ—from a European migrant church to …

Showcased manuscripts with embedded web links and additional references from the Lutheran Theological Journal, Volume 55 no. 2​ (August 2021), plus a bonus article from New Zealand​.​

Author Title Page
Wendy Mayer Editorial LTJ Volume 55 No 2 (August 2021) 55
Gigie Sijera-Grant Journeying as church together 56
Augustin Muthusami Mission in Malaysia: to infinity and beyond 59
Matt Anker Embrace the mess—celebrate the joy! 61
David Spanagel Change the rule book! 64
Greg Schiller Discovering ways to be 'intercultural' at Trinity Lutheran congregation, Cairns 66
Tanya Crooks Diversity—are you ready for this? 69
Brenton Altmann As a matter of principal—multicultural mission and ministry in Lutheran education 73
Alison Short Herzlich Willkommen to our mob, nǐ hǎo and salam 77
Greg Pietsch South Sudanese Nuer Lutherans in Melbourne 80
Jan Baker Called to be God’s feet, hands and presence: Geelong Lutheran congregations’ ministry to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants 84
Eloise Beveridge Just like Jesus: an insight to the development of a multicultural mindset in our Lutheran schools 87
Mark Greenthaner A walk with Kelly 89
Melanie Endacott Simply ministry 91
Robyn Kuchel Walk with me 93
James Winderlich Who…is my neighbour? Human research methods as critical ways to more fully hear the voices of ‘others’ 95
Robert Borgas Lutheran efforts towards improving cross-cultural communication in rural Australia 99
Suanne Tikoft Multicultural church—Why try? 102
Michael Prenzler Developing a multicultural mindset—integration or cooperation? 105
Barbara Mattiske Listen, learn and be blessed 108
Matt Huckel The art of grafting in cross-cultural relationships in the Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand 110
Colleen Fitzpatrick A church where love comes to life 112
Noel Due Cross-cultural ministry: some New Testament reflections 114
Craig Heidenreich Some insights into the thinking of new arrivals from non-European backgrounds 117
William Chang Theological vs cultural: When does the theological override the cultural? 119
Jim Pietsch Cultures blended and cultures valued in Wellington n/a
Committee for Cross-Cultural Ministry, LCANZ Multicultural vision for the Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand: a call to action 122