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What will the church look like in a post-COVID-19 world?

Showcased manuscripts, including full-length versions of opinion pieces, from the Lutheran Theological Journal, Volume 54 no. 2​ (August 2020), plus additional resources​.

Title Page
Wendy Mayer Edito​rial​ 81
Brett Kennett, David Schmidt and Stephen Schultz The impact of Covid-19 on the mission of the church 82
Tim Koch What will the future church look like in a post-Covid-19 world? 84
Noel Due ‘Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens’ (Heb 12:26 NIV) 86
Thomas Böhmert Church after Corona 90
Valerie Kupke The church has left the building… 93
Matt Schubert What would Paul think of online sermons? 95
Jodi Brook Church at home: a reflection on congregational life during Covid-19 99
Kerrin Huth and Neil Huth The post-Covid church will see with its eyes opened 102
Jodie Hoff To be seen 104
Jonathan Krause Stinky feet 106
Shane Altmann Washing up, the Imperial Church and Covid-19 109
Benjamin Lyons Letting go of what we knew 111
Nicole Gregory Crisis—a time to pivot 113
Alison Short Hope-makers in an un-peaceful world 115
Richard Fox What does the coronavirus pandemic mean for using media to reach out to people? 118
Lisa Schmidt Education revelations 121
Jane Mueller Defying worldly perfection and reclaiming our gloriously imperfect nature 125
James Ruei and Milton Fritsch What’s happening with cross-cultural ministry at St John’s Geelong? 130
Matt Huckel Reflections on a post-Covid-19 church: perspectives from Trinity Pasadena 132
Grace Pietsch-Pamungkas Guilt and gratitude—review and reflection from New Zealand 134
Stephanie Maher Covid’s challenging invitations 137
Cathryn Hamilton Covid-19—an opportunity for creation care? 142
Neil Bergmann Covid-19 and care for creation 144
Chris Materne Challenges, stress and support reported by church workers of the LCA/NZ during Covid-19 pandemic restrictions 146
(Survey feedback) Resources recommended by church workers in wellbeing surveys 2020 n/a