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Professional development

ALC offers professional development opportunities for both individuals and ministry groups.

Online modules

ALC engages with both content-related experts and prospective users to design online training modules for professional development within a ministry context. These training modules are available all year round. Follow the links below for training information and registration details.

Other opportunities

ALC Festival of Learning

ALC’s inaugural theological Festival of Learning in February 2021 provided a varied, flexible and engaging program, accessible by anyone anywhere, for participants attending on campus or via live stream. In February 2022, the theme of the second Festival of Learning was ‘Speaking Many Languages, Hearing One Voice’. This was held fully online making use of a virtual attendee hub for the first time.

The February 2023 Festival of Learning was also a fully online event with the theme ‘Holy and dearly loved—called and clothed’.

The theme for the 2024 Festival of Learning is ‘‘Challenging boundaries – life at the edges’’. Planning is underway to hold the festival from Tuesday 20 February to Thursday 22 February 2024.

Further information, as it becomes available, will be provided at: or sign up to ALC’s eNews for updates. 

Short courses

In 2020 ALC offered short course webinars on Psalms and the Gospel of Mark.

Topical presentations

Pastoral and teaching resources

View presentations on practical topics by visiting theologians at Resources.

Research presentations

See research presentations on a range of topics at Featured research and under ALC’s research events.

Customised Professional Development

ALC provides customised professional development opportunities for churches, schools and ministry groups. Visit our Customised training page for more information.