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Fritzsche Oration

The Fritzsche Oration is an initiative of Lutheran Archives and ALC.  

The oration highlights the contribution of theologians of the Church to the history of Australian Lutheranism. In the early 1840s Gotthard Fritzsche opened a small college in Lobethal SA to provide theological education for pastors and teachers, inspiring generations of theological training in Australia.

2022 Fritzsche Oration


Rev Dr Jeff Silcock, ALC Emeritus Lecturer, presented the 2022 Fritzsche Oration on Wednesday 14 September, entitled 'Where East Meets West: Highlights from the International Dialogue between the Lutheran World Federation and the Eastern Orthodox Church'.

2021 Fritzsche Oration

Rev Dr Dean Zweck, ALC Emeritus Lecturer, presented the 2021 Fritzsche Oration on Tuesday 8 June, entitled 'Centenary of the UELCA'.

View the video: 2021 Fritzsche Oration

2018 Fritzsche Oration

Rev Dr Peter Lockwood, ALC Emeritus Lecturer, presented the 2018 oration entitled 'A small cog in a large wheel: the FRM's bush courses in Central Australia in the context of the preparation and support of indigenous church workers' on Friday 17 August.

View the video: 2018 Fritzsche Oration

2017 Fritzsche Oration

Rev Dr Dean Zweck, ALC Emeritus Lecturer, delivered the 2017 Fritzsche Oration on Friday 18 August with the topic ‘From conflict to reconciliation in the South Land of the Holy Spirit: fruitful dialogue between Lutherans and Catholics in Australia’.

2016 Fritzsche Oration

Rev Dr Vic Pfitzner, ALC Emeritus Lecturer and former ALC Principal, delivered the 2016 Fritzsche Oration on Friday 19 August , under the working title ‘Professorial Personalities – Luther Seminary’s Early Years’.

View the video: 2016 Fritzsche Oration

2015 Fritzsche Oration

Rev Dr Greg Lockwood, ALC Emeritus Lecturer, presented the 2015 Fritzsche Oration on Monday 10 August. His topic was 'The Silver Years - Australian Lutheran Involvement in PNG Mission 1968-1987'.

2014 Fritzsche Oration

Rev Dr Maurice Schild, ALC Emeritus Lecturer, delivered the 2014 Fritzsche Oration on Monday 18 August. His presentation encompassed the life and work of Hermann Sasse, who was considered one of the foremost confessional Lutheran theologians of the 20th Century.

2013 Fritzsche Oration

Rev Dr Mark Worthing delivered the 2013 Fritzsche Oration on Monday 12 August, entitled ‘Theological adventurism among early Australian Lutherans: the strange case of Pastor August Kavel’s protestations against the Lutheran Confessions’.

2012 Fritzsche Oration

Rev Dr Malcolm Bartsch, ALC Emeritus Lecturer and former Principal of Lutheran Teachers College, delivered the inaugural Fritzsche Oration on Wednesday 25 July, with the topic 'Fifty years of Lutheran schooling: achievements, opportunities (missed opportunities?) and challenges.'