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Festival of Learning – an opportunity to learn together

ALC's annual Festival of Learning was held online from 20-22 February. This year, Uniting College for Leadership and Theology (another Adelaide based College of the University of Divinity) partnered with ALC to deliver a varied program of presentations on the theme, ‘Challenging Boundaries: Life at the edges’.  

Over the three days, 26 speakers delivered presentations on a range of subjects which included: ‘Navigating ministry in uncertain times’; ‘Shining a light on DFV and religion in Australia’; ‘Life at the edges: loving one another when the other is very different’; ‘Ecumenism – reaching out together to a hurting world’; and ‘Ethical responsibility at the edges of death’.

Feedback from the 60 people who participated in the Festival was encouraging with many commenting favourably on the overall organisation of the event, the diversity of presenters and subject matter on offer – something for everyone, the ease with which presentations were accessed and the fact that interaction from participants was welcomed during presentations and was respectful.

If you missed out on this year’s Festival of Learning, there’s always next year’s event which will be held in a similar timeslot in 2025. Look out for details in ALC’s November eNews.