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Latest edition of LTJ available

The December issue of LTJ offers a diverse collection of articles that challenge us to hear the witness of historical figures who proclaimed the fulness of God’s faithfulness in their own settings and times, through to an assortment of articles that draw us into our own times.

Articles include:

  • The resistance preaching of Hermann Sasse in the Third Reich by Joshua Pfeiffer
  • ‘Under the shadow of your wings’: Jochen Klepper on his eighty years anniversary by Maurice Schild
  • Guilt, shame, and life in Christ by Andrew Pfeiffer
  • Optimality theory: LCANZ and the ordination of women—a case study by Jo Bertil R. Vaernesbranden
  • Female ordination: biblical, confessional and hermeneutical perspectives by Anna Nürnberger

These last two articles can be openly accessed via ALC’s website, together with a compilation of LTJ articles representing a variety of views on the topic of women’s ordination, written over four decades.

Single issues of LTJ—including back and recent issues—are available for purchase at $20 per copy, subject to stock availability. To request a copy, contact

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