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Principal announces plans to return to congregational ministry

After nine years serving as ALC’s Principal, Pastor James Winderlich has announced his intention to end his tenure at the College by the end of 2023 and return to congregational ministry. Pastor Winderlich, whose original call from General Church Board was for four years, has been instrumental in implementing the ALC Board’s vision and leading ALC through some extremely challenging times, which included the COVID-19 pandemic.

In reflecting on his decision, Pastor Winderlich said, ‘I have spent considerable time contemplating my future and I feel that God is calling me back to full word and sacrament ministry through one of the Church’s congregations/faith communities or agencies. While it will be sad for me to leave ALC, as it has been a big part of my life as a servant of Christ and his Church,
I confidently believe that God is clearly directing me, and that the College will flourish under new and fresh leadership.’  

He went on to say, ‘I am thankful for God’s faithfulness, strength and mercy throughout my nine years of service at ALC.  It has been a time of significant change as God has shaped our community for continuing witness and service in new ways and places. I am grateful for the ALC Board’s firm support throughout that time, together with the support of my colleagues, LCANZ leaders, congregations, departments/agencies, and members. I am enriched and humbled by the magnitude and generosity of that support and pray that God will continue to bless those that work and study at ALC over the coming years.’

In responding to Pastor Winderlich’s announcement, Chair of the ALC Board, Cheryl Bartel said, ‘James’ tenure has overseen a remarkable yet challenging time in the life of the College. He has fulfilled his responsibilities with the highest level of integrity, competency, and grace. We will be deeply saddened to see him depart but know that God has a clear plan for the next stage in his journey of pastoral service. The Board will work closely with James and the Leadership Team for the remainder of 2023, to ensure that the ALC community moves with confidence into 2024.’

Please pray for the College - it’s students, staff and volunteers, as ALC enters into this new season.