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Dr Maurice Schild


Emeritus Lecturer

Dr Maurice Schild taught at ALC from 1970 to 2000 in the area of Church history, retiring from full-time teaching in December 2000. The November 2000 edition of the Lutheran Theological Journal (LTJ 34, no. 3) contained an editorial tribute and articles written in his honour.


Maurice Schild was born in 1936 at Eudunda, SA, and grew up at Point Pass, the original home of Immanuel College.

He studied at the University of Adelaide from 1954 to 1957, and concurrently at Immanuel Theological Seminary in 1954 and 1957. On the recommendation of Hermann Sasse, he received a Deutscher Academischer Austauschdienst grant to study at Heidelberg University in West Germany, and travelled there in 1958. Two years later, he received an LWF scholarship to study in the area of Historical Theology. He completed his studies in Heidelberg in 1964.

After his return from Europe, he served as a pastor at Doncaster, Victoria, from 1965 to 1969. Maurice and Beryl, nee Engler, were married in 1966. They have two sons, Basil and Derek. Beryl was the first deaconess in the UELCA, and was a social worker when she and Maurice married.

He was called to lecture in church history at Luther Seminary in 1970. He lectured in medieval, Reformation and modern church history, in Lutheran confessional theology, comparative symbolics, liturgical history, the history of Australian Lutheranism, and ecumenical theology.

Maurice's scholarship is attested by the extensive list of his published writings. His publications in German indicate his standing as a scholar overseas.

Outside the seminary Maurice has made valued contributions by serving on the Commission on Theology and Inter-Church Relations (1968–75) and, subsequently, on some of its subcommittees. He was a member of the Department of Liturgics (1971–87) and a member of the Commission on Social and Bioethical Questions (1988–2000).

Maurice's ecumenical concern is documented also by long-standing membership in the Adelaide Theological Circle, by occasional lecturing in the Adelaide College of Divinity and editorship of Colloquium, the journal of the Australian and New Zealand Society for Theological Studies (1980–86). He has also shown a passion for social justice and reconciliation.

Maurice retired from lecturing at the Seminary in 2000. He has edited the Journal of Friends of the Lutheran Archives since 2006. In his retirement, he has continued to serve the German-speaking congregations that meet in the North Adelaide and Bethlehem Churches.

ALC positions held

  • Lecturer in Church History

Qualifications in detail

  • Bachelor of Arts (University of Adelaide, 1957)
  • Universitaets-Examen in Evangelischer Theologie, (Heidelberg University, West Germany, 1961)
  • Doctor of Theology, (Heidelberg University, West Germany, 1964)

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Emeriti: Schild Maurice